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Harvest NV is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization 

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Harvest NV

Harvest NV is a nonprofit organization that reduces food waste and feeds hungry people.

We focus on sustainability and food security by working with local residents and volunteers to harvest and collect fruits and veggies from backyard fruit trees and gardens and then donate it to local nonprofit organizations that feed the under-served in our community.

Are you a resident with ripe fruit trees and wish to have us come pick your excess produce? Please click the button below to register your trees or garden for our volunteer picking service.

Are you interested in volunteering to pick fruit to help close the loop on food waste and hunger? Please click the button below to register as a volunteer!

Are you a local 501c3 in need of fresh fruit and produce donations on a regular basis? Please click the button below to register as a recipient.

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Get Involved

Produce to the People

Managing the fruit from your back yard trees and gardens can be timely and exhausting. Let us pick your excess ripe fruits and veggies before it goes to waste! This is a free community service.

Our screened volunteers and a Harvest NV Lead will come pick your ripe, medium to large size fruit. The donated produce will then go to local non profit organizations to help feed people in our community. 

Looking for a way to get involved in your community? Spending time working with Harvest NV is a rewarding and fun way to volunteer! Enjoy time outdoors, meeting other locals who share your passion for community engagement and food justice. We provide the tools and guidance to help you get the most from your picking experience!

At Harvest NV, we are dedicated to supporting local non profit organizations that accept fresh food donations and feed the under-served in our community. Whether you need frequent or occasionally scheduled drop offs, we look forward to serving your needs. 

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