Harvest NV is a nonprofit 501c3 organization serving the Reno Nevada area. We fight for food security and social justice by working with local volunteers to harvest excess fruit and veggies from back yard trees and gardens that would otherwise go to waste, and we donate it to local charities that feed hungry people in our community. 

We literally just started, we have a small board, and we are 100% board, meaning we all donate monetarily to the organization, as well as being a working board (we fulfill working roles as we are too small to employ a staff). 

I have a background in accounting and business management and a passion for the environment and doing meaningful work. I recently received a Certificate of Excellence in Nonprofit Management from the University of Nevada Reno.


When I lived in LA, I volunteered with an organization Food Forward, and I looked for ways to continue this type of community action when I moved to Reno. I was inspired to start my own organization based on my previous experiences and seeing that there’s a huge need here for this type of organization. I’m excited to be doing my part to galvanize, educate, and feed the community. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn about what we are doing here in Reno!️

-Emily Bertman 


(775) 583-4590

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Harvest NV is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization 

EIN: 83-3404760