Harvest Volunteer Information

Sign-ups are currently open to adults 18 years and above only. We hope to have family opportunities soon!



Registering for a harvest means that you have read and understand the following:

1. People are giving us access to their private property.  Please be respectful. Be considerate of volume, behavior, and colorful language**. (**Might we suggest these harvest friendly alternatives to the typical expletives: Oh fruit! Fruit this! Fruit you! Fruit me! Fruit fruit fruit fruit fruit! Mother fruiter! You get the idea...)


2. We aren't allowed to donate fruit that has been damaged, has been on the ground, or has broken skin. Please be gentle with the fruit when bagging and handling. Please do not bag fruit that has fallen on the ground unless it is the garbage bag. 

3.  We assume that our volunteers are novice harvesters.  Any coaching or support we give is meant with the best intentions. We will provide an orientation with direction and instructions for the harvest and will check-in with volunteers during the pick to help with technique and to help you make the most of the harvest. *If you have extensive picking knowledge and wish to share that with us, please reach out to the Harvest NV lead prior to the start of the harvest.

4. Please use caution. Participation is at your own risk. It is important to be aware of falling fruit, tree branches, bugs and other tree-dwelling critters, other volunteers, and the safe use of equipment. Stay hydrated, especially in the hot summer months. Use sunscreen, hats, protective eye wear, and other protective gear. 

5. We do not always have access to toilet facilities. Please use the restroom before meeting for a harvest and understand that we may have to take a break to drive to a bathroom (i.e. don't wait until it's urgent!)


6. Have fun!